After being a photographer and photography teacher for several years, Pirmin Rengers (1983) decided to return to his first love; drawing and painting. Naturally, he became an illustrator.

After graduating from artcollege (Academie Minerva, Groningen, BDes.) as an illustrator, he studied Art, Culture and Media-Education at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (MA), specializing in fine arts. Because of his love for teaching, he studied teaching art and culture (BEd) at the same artcollege he graduated from as an illustrator. "Being in front a classroom forces me to stay on my toes in terms of my work as an illustrator, things in this line of work develop at an incredible rate, they're teaching me as much as I am teaching them...".

In his work, he likes to focus on making portraits. "A portrait gives me a sense of interaction, it's one on one, you're looking someone in the eyes. It's more personal than most illustrations and allows me to be diverse in how I work. Some portraits should be painted, others should be drawn, depending on what kind of person it is or what I am trying to say about them. No two portraits are ever the same, and not just in appearance...".

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